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hello and welcome,

I am Taiya Mikisch, PhD, trainer for resilience, mindfulness and embodiment. I am the founder and face of The Mindful Body.


The Mindful Body is an online video platform on which I share  bodybased mindfulness practices that help you to relax, find relief from stress and tension and feel so much more at home in your own body. The tools I share are very simple and accesible yet have a very deep impact on the quality of your everyday experience. I also give workshops and trainings in Germany.

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videos: practice with me anywhere, anytime

Do you want to find ways to destress, relax, unwind from tension, breathe deeper or even find headache relief and relief from backpain? My videos offer simple and accesible body awareness tools that - when practiced over time - change your everyday experience: you feel more relaxed and can deal with uncomfortable sensations and situations in a much better way. 


workshops, trainings & sessions

In my workshops and trainings I guide participants into a deep and refinded experience of their own body. We cultivate a mindful attitude in stillness and movement. Workshop themes include: resilience, creativity, social mindfulness, self organization. 

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"Taiyas work is very important to me. To feel my body in such subtle ways helps me in my everyday life and is also fun! I love Taiyas calm and clear attitude when she teaches online and in person. More, please!"

Nicki, 40, Coach

"Thank you so much, Taiya, for sharing your inspiring practice and thoughts! Since discovering your channel this spring, I have been so much looking forward to and enjoying your videos. I was in an extremely stressful period of my life back then, often feeling tense, caught up in a negative mindset and detached from my body. Joining you in your mindful body practice has given me so much more lightness and playfulness again. It has helped me immensely to connect with myself, my body and also with others, to allow myself to relax in the physical practice and to let go of the tension. Thank you -  Keep up the good work!"

Fra, 37, Social Scientist